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Welcome to Early Bird Lawn Care, LLC.

Early Bird Lawn Care, LLC is a licensed and insured
lawn care company serving the Aitkin Lakes Area
in Minnesota and we service residential and commercial clients.

Since these services are customized to each property, we are unable to give you a standard price, but would be glad to give you a free estimate on any of the services listed below. You may use our Contact Us link to request a quote.

De-thatching of Property:
Service provides a heavy-duty de-thatch of lawn with de-thatcher attached to mower and debris collected in bagging system. An excessive thatch layer inhibits the effectiveness of watering & fertilization and promotes lawn disease. We recommend this on lawns with a thatch layer over 1 inch and to prep lawns prior to seeding.

Aeration of Property:Service is a mechanical process that removes plugs of soil from lawn (plugs are left on turf and will gradually break down returning to organically enrich the soil). Aeration promotes root growth, reduces compacting of soil, and enhances the effects of fertilization and seeding.

Shrub Trimming: The best time to prune most shrubs is in early spring before growth begins (approximately mid-March - mid-April), immediately following the bloom of early spring blooming shrubs or late fall when dormant (approximately mid-October- mid-November). Dead branches may be pruned at any time.

Soil Sample:When establishing a new garden or lawn or trying to improve and existing one, it is beneficial to have your soil tested so you know what kind of nutrients you may need.

Power Edging: Service is a mechanical process using a cutting edge attachment and cutting the turf away from hard surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways and some landscaping. It prevents the turf from growing over top of the hard surfaces and creates a clean edge along the hard surface.